I am currently the owner of the textile production company “Where Brands Are Born” and owner of the premium streetwear fashion brand “The Ladies Welcome”. I have been lucky enough to work as a salesman with some of the best skate, surf and streetwear brands such as Zoo York, Ecko Unlimited, TokiDoki, Insight 51, Crooks and Castels, Warriors of Radness, Kid Robot, Franco Shade, Freshjive, Triple Five Soul, Black Flys, among others.

In addition to being sales director for all of Spain for Upper Playground, True Love and False Idols (La Jolla Group) Wemoto and Artful Dodger NY, one of the aspects of my job that I enjoy the most is attending international fashion events to attract and promote new brands in Spain. Some of the events I have participated in have been: Panorama (Berlin), NeoNyt (Berlin), Bread and Butter (Barcelona), Magic (Las Vegas), Pool (Las Vegas), Who’s Next (Paris), Action Sport Retailer (Long Beach), among others.

I have had the opportunity to travel and thus meet new and extraordinary people, I have gained a lot of experience thanks to these wonderful people and I have managed to create very good connections.

Building a successful and professional career in urban fashion has taken me many years of hard work. I can say that it has been worth it, working in fashion is my passion in life.

I feel fortunate to have had and continue to have many experiences, to be able to help and promote new brands. From there came “The Ladies Welcome”, the company that I currently run and where we make textile productions for clothing brands in dozens of factories.